A visit to the ghat

In our last visit to the wasteland off Sukreswar ghat, we observed that the wanning water level has expanded the wasteland and made it accessible to the public. A man-made path by the side of the footpath took us to the site. We selected a spot closure to the river where ferries were docked and took the following notes-

November 10, Thursday, 4 to 5pm – 

–          A sandbank has emerged with the water level going down.

–          Remnants of Chhath festival can be traced- flowers strewn everywhere, earthen glasses, disposable glasses used by the worshipers can be spotted, packets of crakers etc can be found.

–          The weather is clear, mild and breezy.

–          Labourers from nearby construction sites taking bath in the river.

–          Children playing around in the sand.

–          Idols of goddess Laxmi left in the river bank after worshiping.

–          Boat men of country made boats are plying boats in the mild winter afternoon.

–          Some people are sleeping on the concrete dividers dividing the footpath and wasteland.

–          The employees of Inland Water Transport, who usally stay on the goverment ferries, were present.

–          Homeless children playing of the wasteland.

–          The dhobis , who do the laundry,are not present.Though ropes tied on bamboo poles for drying clothes can be seen.

–          Tourist strolling in the wasteland. Some are taking ferry to the Umananda Temple, situated on a river island in the Brahmaputra.

–          Litter and garbage that are thrown into the river, have come to surface due to decrease in water level.

–          Temporary bamboo and wooden plank bridges  are made on the wasteland for ferry passengers.

–          Stray dogs can be seen.

–          A homeless man picking up pieces of bamboo from the wasteland.


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