International Residency 2008


Residency at Periferry

Periferry1.0 “, started with a 6 week residency program, which began on the 14th January and ends on 29th February 2008. There were 7 artists participating, 2 from India and 5 international. They are Syeda Farhana (Bangladesh), Parismita Singh (India), desire machine collective(India), Bruce Allen (England), Pauliina Salminen (Finland)-Andreas (Argentine) & Mahardhika Yudha (Indonesia) . The open day has been scheduled 28th February 2008.

The activities included organizing seminars on the contemporary artistic production, initiating a global-local interaction of art and events and publications in the public realm to foster critical debate. The residency thus builds a powerful repertoire of ideas and practices by willfully juxtaposing individuals from diverse contexts and making this exchange the basis of producing art and knowledge about art. This juxtaposition is the best way in which we can balance out the subjective and objective dimensions of art and knowledge where diverse values and ideas challenge each other and allow for the emergence of new ideas and practices


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