ART + PUBLIC : Interrogating Everyday

ART + PUBLIC : Interrogating Everyday March 2010

The ambition of this project is to interrogate the concept of everyday through the prism of different practices of the participants. Through a number of art interventions in various public spaces around Guwahati, the workshop attempts to test the constellation of everyday within the  critical imaginary of public art discourse.
Public space act as place for dialogue between architecture and art in the process of their own creation, by interpreting the society and asking for their attention for urban quality and culture. They are a meeting point, a form of a particular level of society’s solidarity. The essence of a city’s public space as Kostof (1992) described is – “… Cities of every age have seen fit to make provision for open spaces that would promote social encounters and serve the conduct of public affairs”.
“… is a destination; a purpose-bulit stage for ritual and interaction”.
“… place we are all free to use, as against the privately owned realm of houses and shops”.
“Public spaces host structured or communal activities – festivals, riots, celebrations, public executions -…”
“But even now, the public place is the canvas on which political and social change is painted”
Within the central debates of recent decades, it become important to draw a distinction between the physicality of space and the meaning of a space as it is constituted discursively (how physicality is the expression of specific network of social relations: power,economy,racialization,gender,sexuality).

Participants – Sharmila Samant (Mumbai), Sambhavi Singh (Bihar
and New Delhi), Showket Katjoo (Srinagar), Prayas Abhinav (Bangalore), Debananda Ulup (North-east), Pravin Mech (North-east), Dorendra Waribram (North-East), Bhaskar Hazarika (North-east), desire machine collective (North-east), and Samiran Deka (North-east).



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