body water

Project Description – A project on health, healing and aspects of energy by Christina Stadlbauer.

consisting of a residency and a journey


Residency at Periferry


The project is engaged with the investigation of specific health sustaining (medical) practices and “home remedies”. These often get traditionally passed on in families, tribes and cultures, almost as a type of intangible heritage.

When thinking about medicine, in the sense of measures to maintain health, one can begin at a very basic level. Breathing, followed by eating, drinking, sleeping are the most basal needs to provide life and wellbeing. These seemingly banal things done everyday, have a major impact and play a fundamental role in constituting the body as it appears now. The body as it is today is the result of yearlong practices, behaviors and attitudes.

Next in the hierarchy of health sustaining methods, come practices that keep our body in shape – exercises such as stretching or working out – and manual techniques, such as simply rubbing sore spots, or applying (a form of) massage.

Creating a beneficial, nurturing environment contributes to a healthy setup.

… and the Water

The water of the Brahmaputra – an observation of the river, as carrier of water, as most basic prerequisite for health and wellbeing, with water being the main component of the river and the human body. Maintaining health is implicitly linked to water. Drinking, cleaning, feeding plants and animals. Without water no life.

The river as an entity has neuralgic points, almost like acupuncture points where the energy/body of the river can be accessed. Harbors, sewage spots, swimming points, points of interest with scenic view, spots where eddies appear or drinking water is taken.
medicine is what makes you [stay] healthy

november 2009 – february 2010
[observing, asking. * sharing, inviting.]

the first medicine: water
Brahmaputra – the He-River
The river is alive.
The riverPeople use Him for transportation, for doing their laundry and playing, for washing their dishes and themselves. They use Him to make drinking water and to discharge their sewage.
He floods their city and makes the bank fertile. He accepts the ashes of their dead and carries them to the Bengal Sea. He also accepts their plastic bags and carries them along with their dead. Sometimes He swallows a ferry and all passengers have to swim. The cycles sink-for the river-dolphins to amuse themselves.

the second medicine: food
cells in the human body take 7 years to get completely renewed. after this time, each cell has been replaced by a new one. as fuel for this the body uses air, water and food.
i you want to make roti you need time – 10, 15 minutes –
if you have no time you cannot make rotis.

the third medicine: herbs
are medicinal plants edible or edible plants medicinal?
before coming to assam, i was not aware about the close link between medicinal plants and Assamese daily life.
Assam without medicinal plants is unimaginable. investigating about this topic is like asking someone to tell his favorite story.
and still, the availability of medicinal plants seems to decrease. areas where specific plants can be harvested are getting more remote and move to higher altitudes.

the fourth medicine: yoga

“Yoga – i do evvvery day”. and she is not the only one.

the ArdhakatiCakrAsana (half wheel) – makes your mind stable and reduces excess fat around the waist; the lateral awareness is increased.

Neti done once a month, keeps the nasal passages free. Hold the pot in the right hand, insert the nozzle into the right nostril, tilt the head and let the water enter through the right nostril and exit through the left. Repeat on the other side. (Selfcomplementary exercise)



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