Bart Vandeput and Christina Stadlbauer 18th Nov’ 2009 – 28th Feb’ 2010 (ongoing)
The associate residency program this year is working with design and art practitioners to develop the ferry into a model of an alternative space using ecologically friendly material and power sources.

Bartaku, °1996 (Jap) – [Bart Vandeput, °1970 (Be)]

Lives & works frequently in the urban realm > 50.845N – 04.35E

PA* Artist/Researcher – MA Communication Sciences – PA* Drumming

Bartaku’s works emerge through the interweaving of different media, methods and technologies with a fascination for scientific tropes and ‘hyper-winded’ systems, patterns, structures of man and matter. It echoes former praxis as a drummer, academic and aimless wanderer, esp. in the Andean Worlds. In 2007 -with the support of interdisciplinary lab FoAM- Bartaku started the research project “PhoEf: The Undisclosed Poésis of the Photovoltaic Effect”. At the interstices of arts, science, technology and ecology, it explores the micro and macro realms of Photovoltaics: the conversion of light into electrical energy. Since 2008 PhoEf fuses lectures, workshops and micro-interventions.

PhoEf – digital compost:

Archive blog:

Christina Stadlbauer

29.January, 1970, Vienna, Austria, currently living in Brussels, Belgium

Doctor of Natural Sciences (Chemistry) – Research focused on bio­monitors (wood from trees, human dental material, hair)

Working as a shiatsu practitioner, and actively occupied with alternative medicine and traditional healing and health prevention methods (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga) since 1997.

At present busy with the installation of bees in urban environment in artistic contexts (cooperations with OKNO Brussels – and

Nadine Brussels­EverMassLand) –


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