Gum Bichromate Alternative Photo-printing Workshop

Conducted by Tanima Das Gum bichromate is a 19th century a alternative photographic printing process using gum arabic, watercolor and light sensitizer, potassium dichromate or ammonium dichromate and light source as sun or UV tube lights. Gum Arabic is mixed with watercolor pigment and a photosensitive substance called ammonium or potassium dichromate, and brushed onto … Continue reading

Body Water and A Slow Flow

Bartaku – His works emerge through the interweaving of different media, methods and technologies with a fascination for scientific tropes and ‘hyper-winded’ systems, patterns, structures of man and matter. It echoes former praxis as a drummer, academic and aimless wanderer, esp. in the Andean Worlds. In 2007 -with the support of interdisciplinary lab FoAM- Bartaku … Continue reading

Body Water

medicine is what makes you [stay] healthy november 2009 – february 2010 [observing, asking. * sharing, inviting.] the first medicine: water Brahmaputra – the He-River The river is alive. The riverPeople use Him for transportation, for doing their laundry and playing, for washing their dishes and themselves. They use Him to make drinking water and … Continue reading

International Artists in residence: Bart Vandeput and Christina Stadlbauer 18th Nov’ 2009 – 28th Feb’ 2010 (ongoing)

The associate residency program this year is working with design and art practitioners to develop the ferry into a model of an alternative space using ecologically friendly material and power sources. Bartaku, °1996 (Jap) – [Bart Vandeput, °1970 (Be)] Lives & works frequently in the urban realm > 50.845N – 04.35E PA* Artist/Researcher – MA … Continue reading

Open Studio Day of Residency Program at Periferry: “Shifting Anchors: Floating Memories”

Dear Friends, do join us for the Open Studio Day of Residency Program at Periferry: “Shifting Anchors: Floating Memories”, by Sanchayan Ghosh This residency has been organized by Periferry in collaboration with Lalit Kala Akademi Regional Centre Kolkata, India Venue – Periferry (M.V. Chandardinga, docked near Sukreshwar ghat, Guwahati, India) Date – 30th December 2009 … Continue reading

Notes from Shifting Anchors: Floating Memories

This project is about exploring the transforming relationship of a river and a city in relationship to Brahmaputra and Guwahati.This is a research and documentation based interactive project will try to locate the different forms of economic and cultural transactions that happen with the river Brahmaputra as a host, and in the floating space between … Continue reading

Interview with director/actor Lee Kang-sheng

China and Brahamaputra

Remote sensing data confirm Chinese move Spl Correspondent NEW DELHI, Nov 4 – Despite mounting evide-nce of China undertaking construction of dams, purportedly to divert the Brahmaputra river, India today reiterated its stand that Beijing is ‘cooperating’. Reacting to reports about the construction of a dam by China, Union Minister of State for Defence MM … Continue reading

lessons on digital cinema