Persons with projects relevant to context of Periferry are invited to apply for collaborations throughout the year. The project could take the form a residency, workshop or an intervention.

artists, designers, architects, curators, art critics, art historians, writers, researches, filmmakers, scientists, and other practitioners from any country.

Expectation from the artist
* One public lecture or presentation.
* Interaction with local community.
* The project ends with a sharing of the outcome with the larger community.
* Season: Year-round.
* Accessibility: Sorry, no wheelchair access at this time.
* Accommodation: Individual bedroom with shared bath, common kitchen facilities.

*The Ferry MV Chandradinga as the context and studio space. *Broadband Internet connectivity.
*Open space for interaction and communal gathering.
*Food: kitchen and cooking facilities. Local restaurants conveniently located close by.
*Library and archive of books with a section on the Northeast India and the river Brahamaputra. *Art assistants available on moderate fee.
Chargeable costs
*Housing and studio: 25$ per day / 550$ per month (payable in Indian Rupees at the time of arrival).
*Charges are subject to change, please verify current charges with us.
*Other expenses to be borne by the artists.

*This is an artist-led space; no stipends or fellowships are available.
*Made by co-ordinators by open calls or on the basis of recommendations by other artists

* Hospital and pharmacy within walking distance.
* Gardens / parks /river side for walks and relaxation within easy reach.
Note: We recommend that you obtain necessary vaccinations, preventive medical procedures and appropriate medical insurance before departing to India.

How to apply?
With a letter of interest and a short proposal
An application letter with the following sections:
1. Your contact information (name, telephone, address, email, website, etc)
2. Your letter of motivation, explicitly stating why you are interested in working with Periferry.
3. Your project proposal – Your project proposal should broadly answer the following questions:
i) What do you plan to make/do?
ii) What methodologies will you use?
4. Your supporting material
i) Resumé or CV
ii) URL of online portfolio or images and project descriptions in your application.
5. Additional information
i) When would you like to come?

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