The “Periferry1.0 ” project creates a forum for discourse on the notion of borders and explores an alternative imagination of cross-border transaction along South/ Southeast Asian borders. It provides an alternative space, which is the impetus for transforming cultural productions. A space for artists interested in furthering inquires into notions of self, identity, borders, nationality and cross cultural encounters.

The project is designed to link together the cultural energies of the Northeast India with other parts of South and Southeast Asia and also with the world. It is a laboratory for people engaged in hybrid practices, people whose knowledge tends to fall through gaps between disciplines (or ties together disparate disciplines), people who thrive in the interstitial spaces between art, culture and science, technology and ecology.
The project focuses on the creation of a network space for negotiating the challenge of contemporary cultural production on a FERRY –  a floating space on river Brahmaputra.

3 Responses to “About”
  1. Marta Jecu says:

    Please let me know how can I apply for a residency at Periferry. I cannot ifnd on the site the appplication requirements and conditions of residency. I am interested in residency for curators and writers.
    thanks alot, hope to have the possibility to apply

  2. Hannah Hopewell says:

    Hello I have just unearthed your work and would be very interested in collaboration and your residency. Can you pass on details if you still are looking for applications?

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